The Broadside Exhibition Project is an annual show of curated
collaborations between poets and artists. For more information,
please visit
Please send all questions regarding the exhibition to
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All applicants, please provide your brief statement of interest in this project in the space below.

Poets, please upload up to three original short poems in a single file. Only these poems will be considered for the exhibition project.

Artists may submit up to three photos of their original work. These photos will not necessarily be reproduced for the Broadside Exhibition Project, but will be considered as representative of your style and body of work. A minimum of one photo is required for the application.

Artist may submit a second photo of their original artwork for consideration.

Artist may submit a third photo of their original artwork for consideration.

Please provide links to any online portfolio or relevant social media pages you may have.

A maximum of 20 poet/artist pairings will be selected for this
exhibition by Madeline Bates, Creature Comforts' Art Curator & Get Artistic Program Lead. Selected applicants will be notified no later than January 12, 2018. Collaborative design and printing will take place in Athens in March.
Thank you for your application!
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